Did you know…

Most of the locations that appear in The Bungalow Heaven Mystery Series are real places in the City of Pasadena and surrounding areas.

Often, they are landmarks, or places of special historic interest, such as craftsman houses in the Bungalow Heaven landmark district.

Faye Duncan is passionate about local architecture and history, and will therefore always strive to share her new and all-time favorite places with her readers.

Follow this page for more background on the landmarks described in Faye Duncan’s novels.

Arroyo Bridge aka “Suicide Bridge”

In Faye Duncan’s newest novel, Canyon of Shame, one of the most dramatic scenes of the story happens when one of the suspects attempts to commit suicide on the underside of the historic Arroyo Bridge.

This is the gate where the firefighters have to wait for the public works attendant to open the gate so they can enter the underdrive and rescue the person trying to jump off the bridge.